About Us

About Us

At Radolar Group, we believe that owning a home is an exceptional milestone in life, representing a cherished achievement. Our utmost dedication revolves around transforming this dream into reality for our valued clients. As a globally recognized financial advisory firm, we are committed to offering comprehensive solutions to investors who aspire to become homeowners.

A visionary approach

As Radolar Group, we have been providing first-class service to investors who want to invest in Turkey, Northern Cyprus and Bulgaria for 5 years. With high standards, our vision that focuses on quality & not quantity and with our approach for which 100% customer satisfaction is a priority, we offer end-to-end professional solutions for all the needs of investors, and we stand by them with our competent team in every field they need.


Quality Over Quantity

We proceed with firm and consistent steps. We cover everything and don’t leave anything out.


Speed is Valued

We make sure that the whole process moves on with the best speed possible.


Always Here For You

You can contact our team anytime for all your questions. We’ll respond in minutes.

Radolar Team

In Radolar, we do believe in and value diligency as much as we value being highly experienced & providing our clients with quality service. Luckily, we have all of that in the very core of our team.


All your questions are welcomed here.

+90 535 100 3520 info@radolar.com Porta Vadi Business Quarter, Cendere St. No: 103, 34408, Kağıthane/İstanbul
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We are ready to introduce you to your new home with our carefully selected real estate projects, expert lawyers, friendly staff, and comfortable vehicles.

+90 (212) 521 0777 +90 (535) 100 3520 info@radolar.com Cendere Cd. No: 103, 34408 Kâğıthane/İstanbul
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