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Vadi Istanbul: Your Private Valley in the Heart of Istanbul

“The versatile project combines cutting-edge design, sustainability, and convenience to create a unique and dynamic destination in the heart of Istanbul.”

If you are looking for a place not only to live in but also to have quality time and get your needs in seconds, Vadi İstanbul, a mixed-use project located on the European side, is just for you.

The project is located in Sariyer district and covers an area of approximately 1.3 million square meters. Thanks to the perks of Sariyer neighbourhood, residents can enjoy the freshness of nature as the soothing breezes come sweeping from Belgrade forest, one of Istanbul’s largest green areas, as well as the beautiful sounds of Sadabad River, which is sourced by the cool waters of Bosphorus.

To start with a brief summary, Vadi Istanbul features a wide range of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, including apartments, shops, restaurants, and parks. The project is resembling a little city on its own and it’s been designed in such a way that you can find anything you need without leaving your living space. Let’s say that you need a new shirt for a dinner tonight: You can find your favorite clothing brands in the luxurious streets of this little city. There are lots of options and alternatives so that you can get anything you need.

And for the dinner, you’ll find the finest restaurants, cafés and hangout places within the area. You can find many options to your dining preferences whether the dinner is for a special occasion or for a casual hangout with your close ones. All your needs are gathered in this little city. The only reason to leave will probably to witness the historical and famous places of Istanbul such as the Bosphorus or Hagia Sophia —which are very easy to access thanks to Vadi Istanbul’s great location.

The residential areas of Vadi İstanbul offer a range of housing options, including apartments, townhouses, and villas. The apartments range in size from studios to four-bedroom units, and they feature modern design and high-quality finishes. The townhouses and villas offer even more space and privacy, with ample outdoor areas and private gardens.

So whichever residence you choose to live in, you’ll feel the immediate urge to call it home. It’s perfect for everyone: be it single people, couples or crowded families with children. Once you move in, you’ll enjoy the family friendly environment and respect for your privacy.

In terms of location, as mentioned before, Vadi İstanbul is situated in a strategic spot, with easy access to major transportation hubs and the city center. This makes it an attractive destination for a diverse mix of residents, businesses, and visitors. You can take a walk in public an enjoy the social, warm and diverse environment. If you are looking for solitude and serenity, you can just opt for the Belgrade forest, right next to the project, and take a calm breath in the beautiful, vast greenery.

You can also access to central metro and bus stations as well as options for sea transportation. There are educational facilities nearby such as grade schools and universities besides hospitals, pharmacies and sports centers. However, you have many of these options inside the project lot, so you can just sit back and relax because you won’t need to struggle for any of your needs.

For instance, the project includes an elaborate, modern hospital inside, besides a large shopping mall. So if an emergency occurs, top quality health service is within a hand’s reach. In terms of safety, project’s deliberate security system goes without saying. It’s only up to you to decide who you’ll have as a guest in your home. You can spend lots of quality time with your family in full privacy.

In addition to the residential areas and easy access to facilities, Vadi İstanbul also includes a variety of commercial spaces, such as shops, restaurants, and cafes. These spaces are carefully curated to offer a diverse range of options, from international brands to local boutiques and artisanal shops.

This little city is designed to offer all you need in a single place and nothing escapes out of your reach.

You have lots of entertainment options, as well. You can engage in lots of fun activities in various entertainment spaces.

Vadi İstanbul also includes recreational spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities. These spaces are designed to provide residents and visitors with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and engage in physical activity. So we can say that even if you are “at home” all day, you can stay in shape and improve your health thanks to these privileges. Vadi offers an active lifestyle for its residents with outdoor and indoor options.

One of the other key features of Vadi İstanbul is its focus on sustainability. The project is designed in a way that it incorporates green spaces and sustainable design features, such as rainwater harvesting and energy-efficient buildings. This does not only enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors, but it also helps to reduce the project’s environmental impact.

Let’s have a peek at the treasures offered in your private valley:

Shopping Stores and Brands

You can find all kinds of clothing and accessories for your needs. You’ve just moved in and you’ll go for a quick workout session in the gym? You can get your workout outfit right away. You need a classy suit or a dress for the business dinner? You have lots of options in Vakko or Zara.

In the large shopping mall, there are many options to your taste in clothing. Vadi Istanbul’s shopping mall features the best clothing brands such as Lacoste, LBT, Marks & Spencer, Oysho, Pierre Cardin, U.S. Polo, Under Armour, Victoria’s Secret and more not mentioned here.

You just need to take a walk in the mall, which is a minute away from home, and explore!

Restaurants and Cafés

Did we mention that Istanbul hosts an enormous number of options for the best quality food? In Vadi Istanbul, you can explore the best of Turkish cuisine thanks to the finest dining hotspots. You may want to give Divan Patisserie or Hünkar Restaurant a try! Not into Turkish cuisine? It’s okay! You can also enjoy different cuisines from around the world during a dinner at The Galliard, Filo D’olio, Sushi & Spice, El Capitan or at Bronco with yummy tacos.

And after dinner, for the desert, you can find the best artisan handmade chocolates at Butterfly or  have shot of espresso at Barbary.


At Vadi Istanbul, you never run out of options if you wish to have fun.

At a nightout in the famous Jolly Joker, you can listen to the concerts of the famous artists. Jolly Joker has the most audience rate all year long and never misses out on the famous stars. You’ll enjoy and feel the music at its best thanks to Jolly Joker’s special design.

Want to spend fun and quality time with family? Or going for a cute, old-fashioned date? Magic World is then waiting for your arrival aboard!

The fun centre Magic World consists of two different parts; for adults and for children.

You can go for bowling, laser tag, climbing, stunt cars or soft-play grounds. You can also arrange birthday parties for your children, you’ll find all you need within the area. When you want to take a break from fun and games, you can just sit and relax at a cafe nearby.

And what is another must-have? A cinema of course! Vadi Istanbul features the Paribu Cinaverse theatres, the leading cinema theatres in Turkey. You can book the comfiest seats in the Gold Class and discover a different movie experience in ScreenX theatres.

Overall, Vadi İstanbul is an excellent and innovative project that aims to create a vibrant and dynamic destination in the heart of Istanbul. With its focus on quality of life and convenience, it quickly became a highly sought-after place to live, work, and visit.

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